Last month I was invited to exhibit my spatialized umbrella project at the pluto festival in Opwijk, Belgium.  It was an amazing experience, you can read/see/hear more about my journey here.  They asked me to build 5 umbrellas, which i did, and brought along my first prototype, making it 6 total.

For the 5 new ones, i of course soldered up 5 new hackduinos using really nice perf board that was sized and shaped PERFECTLY for this application.  I got them in China when i was there this summer, and i can’t believe i didn’t buy more.  I intended to write up an instructables for the umbrellas, so anyone could build their own, but of course i was super rushed and didn’t have time to do it as i made them.  Perhaps I will work retroactively and make one, but for now you will have to deal with these pictures of my latest incarnation of the hackduino.