Awesome! Arduino finally released a tutorial on how to bootload a chip using an Arduino board.

There have been several hacks to do this, but now they have released code to do it legit style!

The tutorial can be found here.  I played around with the setup, and successfully did it by inserting my blank chip into another an Arduino, and used a second Arduino with their code uploaded to bootload the firmware.  I discovered: <strong>1.  This is a feature available only with Arduino0018 (the latest version of the IDE).  and cannot use an ATMega168 as the chip performing the bootload.  It must be a Duemilanove with a 328 on board.</strong>

I then did it with a blank chip in a breadboard with a barebones circuit around it, and an Arduino board uploading to it.  Here’s a really blurry, really anticlimactic video of the breadboard setup doing it’s thing.  You can see once the bootloading has completed, the chip is no longer blank and begins flashing LED13.