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Finally, my finalized prototype of SOBEaR, the responsible robot bartender.

SOBEaR is a robot friend for anyone who does not know their own limits, or has problems controlling themselves.
When you press the “breathe + pour” button on his right foot, the status light goes solid, and the user breathes into SOBEaR’s face. You can see the alcohol sensor above the bowtie, under his chin. Your current blood alcohol content (BAC) is then shown a scale from 1 – 6 with green, yellow, and red LEDs in SOBEaR’s chest. Depending on how drunk you are (or aren’t) SOBEaR will pour you a drink appropriate for your current state. In the video below, SOBEaR is pouring cranberry vodkas for my user tester. Two servos hold the alcohol and the mixer, and with the SoftwareServo library for arduino, programming this aspect was simple.

For many obvious reasons, I used a MapDuino which is an ATmega168 chip soldered into a custom PCB circuit (started with perfboard from radiocrack) for the brains of this robot. The alcohol sensor was super easy to implement, got it from sparkfun via my computation studio.

This robot takes the shape of an adorable plush teddy bear, because I felt it gave it a sense of trustworthiness, as if a teddy bear could ever do you wrong. Trust SOBEaR, he knows what is good for you. It was a tough decision between naming this guy “SOBEaR” or “Teddy Drunkspin” [credit goes to matt for that one!]. Other suggestions?

Link to my original post. There are a lot more pictures in my first prototype’s post HERE.

Code is posted HERE.

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