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So, you’ve decided the standard $35 Arduino breakout board is not for you, especially since you’re spreading out to a breadboard anyway.  This page will be a reference for anyone looking to build their own hackduino’s in their own style and for their specific needs and uses.  Tutorials, as well as links to every part necessary will be listed on this page for easy, understandable steps to building your own circuit.

ITP has the most comprehensive, straight forward tutorial on how to build the most basic, barebones ATmega168 circuit, what we call MapDuino.  It is great for beginners as it goes through the steps of how to add the voltage regulator circuit as well, so you can power the entire board with a 9volt battery.  ITP Breadboarding ATmega168 w/Voltage Regulator Circuit

They do a great job of listing out exactly what parts you need to build their circuit. You might also notice they have included a reset button. This is not necessary at all, however, depending on your application/use for this circuit you might want to include it.

I have written an instructable on how create your own hackduino using perfboard. Here are all the parts and a source for each:

• 28-pin DIP IC Socket – $0.30 – buy mouser
• 16MHz crystal – $0.55 – buy mouser
• momentary push-button switch – $0.27 – buy mouser
• 1k ohm resistor – $0.05 – buy mouser
• LM7805 5v voltage regulator – $0.35 – buy mouser
• 2 x 22pF capacitors – $0.12 – buy mouser
• 10nF capacitor (ceramic disc code ‘103’) – $0.10 – buy mouser
• 22uF capacitor – $0.02 – buy mouser
• ATMega168 or 328 microcontroller chip w/Arduino bootloader (you can use the one on your Arduino for now!) – $4.00-$5.50 – buy unbootloaded mouser (cheaper) / buy bootloaded sparkfun (expensive)
• breadboard style perf board – $1.99 – buy radioshack (i can’t find one this style for this cheap – email me if you know of one!)

Total cost of components: $7.75 (!!!)  *22AWG wire is not included

I have created a Mouser project that includes everything you will need, however the perf board available there is more expensive and in my opinion not as useful. This is the blank ATMega328 – so you will need to bootload the chip yourself (not covered in this tutorial). Also keep in mind that ordering in multiples makes everything cheaper!  Here is the Mouser project .

• IC Extraction Tool (you can use a min-flat head screwdriver to pop out chips as well) – buy
• Wire strippers
• Snips
• Multimeter
• Soldering Iron + solder

Click to read through the instructable!

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